NGFW Highlights

Fine-grained access control

Brand-new next generation context awareness and access control: globally identifies ever-increasing application-layer attacks and implements all-round application-layer protection by application, content, time, user, attack, and location

Simple Management

Predefined policy templates for fast deployment of application-based policies. Automatically generates policy tuning suggestions using the minimum permission control principle, based on network traffic and application risks. Simplifies policy management by analyzing policy matching ratios in order to discover and remove redundant and invalid policies.

Defense against unknown treats

Worldwide security centers provide samples of suspicious threats. Huawei NGFW evaluates suspicious samples within the sandbox in the cloud to monitor their activities and identify unknown threats.

10G threat prevention performance

  • Dedicated software and hardware architecture and Intelligent Awareness Engine (IAE): capable of parallel processing with all security functions enabled after intelligent application identification
  • Hardware acceleration for content awareness: improves application-layer protection efficiency and ensures 10 G+ performance with all security functions enabled

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